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I hired myself to write this bit. There were other copywriters in the running but none of them as cheap and hardly any willing to say nice things.

But writing about yourself is neither easy, nor particularly enjoyable, so I'll keep it simple.


I'm a north-east born, award-winning Creative Director and Copywriter with over 10 years of big agency experience. I know how to elevate brands.


My writing journey has been diverse and interesting. I’ve written books for billion-dollar brands. I’ve written bedtime stories for children. I even wrote the official anthem of an entire city.

I just love words. And I truly believe that with the right words, almost anything is possible.

This website should tell you most things you need to know about me. But, like a fine red wine, I’m best enjoyed at room temperature.


If you feel like we should be acquainted, get in touch.


The obligatory 'brands I've worked with' bit. 

My rap name would be Proof Red. 

Not that I rap. Though I do like rap. And I have been known to pen poems like a bit of gangsta. But to have the audacity to assign myself a rap name would be unacceptable.

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