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Copywriter and Creative Director - Newcastle Manchester London Advertising Design 

I'm a peddler of words,

and I write words that peddle.

You want some?

They're in good nick. In fact, some have barely been used. Like sprunt.

You can have that one for free. 

Work: Text

I'm an award-winning Copywriter and Creative Director with over 10 years' big agency experience via Leeds, Newcastle, London, Madrid and Manchester. 

Why might you need someone like me?

Words are the window to your brand.



Well-chosen words put your message across with clarity and precision. They help you connect with the people you’re speaking to, and they give you an edge over your competitors. Bad copy does the opposite.

Your audience doesn’t care about you. They care about themselves. 



Let your brand live by that mantra and nothing can go wrong. (That’s a lie. I’m just telling you what you want to hear. You see how this works?)

Writing is not copywriting.




Writing gives you nuts and bolts, with added clunk. Copywriting engages, informs and reassures. It influences, inspires and ignites. It elevates brands and businesses. So make sure it elevates yours. 

I know you can write.

But I’m willing to bet I 

write better.  


Sorry. I know that sounds arrogant. But I’ve been doing this a long time and I can promise you 

copywriting is a craft. 

“If a business can’t even be bothered to check for typos, where else are they cutting corners?” 

– A concerned customer, who definitely exists.  

Genuine quotes about my work...

"There's a special place in hell for whoever came up with that drumming advert."

"I thought the decapitated dog was a smidgeon too much."

"Idris Elba really liked

your script."

"I do believe this might be the best football advert I have EVER seen."

"Is it supposed to be, like,

really awkward?"

"And the D&AD award

goes to..."

"OMG, please tell me you blog."

"OMG, you're so sweet. Yes I do." 

"As with many teenage boys, drawing a penis and testicles on whichever surface opportunely presented itself was a staple pastime for Karlheinz Kunkel."

I craft words people care about.

Want me to write something for your brand? Need advice about one of your projects?
Maybe you just want to be friends? Whatever it is, I look forward to hearing from you.

07800 852369

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