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The Drunken Hump

She, career-minded, independent and bordering on fat. He, insipid in his handshake and fond of wearing ladies’ underwear.  They made the kind of love that would bring tears to your eyes if only you could bring yourself to watch until the very end.  She, sobbing with the sadness of an uncleansed soul. He, panting proudly like a lion that had just killed its first zebra.

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The Cock and Balls of Karlheinz Kunkel

As with many teenage boys, drawing a penis and testicles on whichever surface opportunely presented itself was a staple pastime for Karlheinz Kunkel. But whilst the pork swords his friends drew were f

Have A Break. Have A Breaking Point.

The only thing Arnold hated more than everything else was the way Derek ate Kit-Kats. Arnold was convinced that Kit-Kat protocol - nay, Kit-Kat duty - was a human knowledge so innate that it never a

Poem for Competition

I come from a family of brilliant poems Inspirational, slick, well-versed. But none of them ever won a thing, Perhaps I’ll be the first. In a previous attempt at a poetry comp Where the theme was ‘i


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