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Love Poem for the Leightons

To capture ‘love’ and wrap it up into rousing little lines Petite and sweet, is no mean feat. Yet has been done a thousand times. The aptly named Samuel Lover, coined a charming phrase ‘Live in my heart and pay no rent. And into my eyes please gaze.’ Shakespeare said ‘Love is perfection’, and Winthrop, he agreed And John, Paul, George and Ringo… They said, ‘Love is all you need.’ These people say it better than I, and so down this road I will persist To recount the voice of those who found the poem in every kiss. ‘Love is a friendship set to music’, Joseph Campbell wrote. And to a man who knew the highs of love Here’s a Bob Marley quote… He said, ‘Perfect guys don’t exist. But there’s one that’s perfect for you.’ And if Bob were stood here next to me, He’d agree this case is true. Love is a ride on a carousel, on a never-ending cycle. Geoffrey Chaucer said that ‘Love is blind’ Which is a lucky thing for Michael. Eva Gabor said, ‘Love’s a game that two can play, and even better, both can win.’ But if sometimes you lose (and Michael, you will) Take it on the chin. The late great TS Eliot, wrote that ‘Love is silent’ to all men. But the late great TS Eliot, Clearly never met our Jen. A chatterbox to light the room with eyes that shine a glint. Why rely on poetry’s eye? When Jen says, ‘Love is mint.’ Love is the jig, the tango, the waltz. ‘Love is the last slow dance’. Love is the flower that sits in the sun That grows into romance. Love is the cuddles on the couch at night, yourself without pretence Love is saying her bum’s not big But that’s just common sense. The Bible says, ‘Love is patient, love is kind.’ Plato said ‘Love is a disease of the mind.’ Well, if it is, call us crazy. And my message to you. Be crazy about each other in all that you do. Whatever love is, just be thankful it’s yours That you are the one that your other adores. And on this day when you stand, to utter ‘I do’ Both please remember, that we all love you too.

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